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Its the Nation !!! And I'm ChiefDebo, Founder of #RareVibesOnly and part of the rap collective The Nation Records with more than 11 years under our belt . My philosophy is that I believe rap is an outlet for the trials and tribulations we face in life , an artistic way of expressing your thoughts and feelings in the rarest of fashion . Hope you'll enjoy our journey as we continue to create and build as a fam . Always #RareVibesOnly stay rare and stay vibing! 


Tae Proulx

As he paves his own path through this life , Tae's stye is unique as he shares his experience and life goals through music. Growing up , Tae was influenced through other native Nor-Cal rappers and his environment to start writing lyrics . At the age of 15 , Tae started writing music as an escape by putting together his poetry skills and life into crafting catchy but meaningful lyrics .

With tons of lyrics written , recording them for the world to hear only felt right , which pushed Tae to become an artist under The Nation Records 


yung king standing on mountain.jpg

      Yung King
   ( Kingsman95 )

CEO & Owner of The Nation Records Yung King here . I appreciate everyone for coming out and checking out my families music . We started this company on just the love of music . The love of the vibes it brings when everyone comes together on a project . Its been many years in the making building this company and I'm proud of everyone involved in the upbringing of this company . I started making music because I've always had a love and passion for music . Bringing together others who have the same inspiration to make great music that people can relate to is my overall goal . So welcome and thank you for checking us out . 
                       God Bless

I-bar Trax

The greatest artists come from the hardest of places . Whether it be the streets , the hills, or the middle of no where .
That hard place is the mentality and emotion of many up and coming stars and the hardships they endure through life to be successful .
Your hustle should be like a river . You need to keep it flowing . Thats how the lake fills.

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